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Nearly every organization is growingly becoming dependent on tech to develop competitiveness and agility in their business. WTA Studios is a design and development company in Hyderabad, India, and we’re empowering businesses with the right kind of technologies and innovation to be able to do so.

By harnessing the experience of our highly skilled resources for UI UX Design, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the full spectrum of web and mobile technologies, we help you grow your business into a strong venture that can withstand change and generate continual profits.

We consider each project as an opportunity to leave a unique mark on the digital anthropology of the internet. Our teams work with the same values, frameworks and methodologies shared by the best design and development studios across the world, that is further supported by our collective appetite for innovation.

With over 300 digital solutions spanning various industries delivered across the globe, our pursuit for finding new ways to change the way humans interact with technology continues.



Our powerhouse of inspiration and enthusiasm, Manish drives WTA with his tech expertise, charm, and growth mindset. An early entrepreneur and digital nomad, his passion for digitization and attention to detail has helped build WTA into an experienced design and development company in Hyderabad. 

Manish’s strong sense of product design and the business of technology has taken the company from being a new-age branding studio to an acclaimed software development and service provider in less than a decade. His dream of taking WTA from Hyderabad to the world continues to fuel his ambitions and pave the way for new accolades for the company. 

One Team, One Love: Innovation

A bunch of tech-loving people finding innovative ways to add value to businesses and be part of the digital revolution

Anil Kumar K

Sr. Designer

Sundeep Kumar

Head of Business Development

Majeed Khan

HR & Head of Hiring

Saurabh Cille

Lead Designer

Waseem Akram

Lead Designer

Mohammed Wase Ali

Lead Designer

Syed Mudasser

Lead Designer

Prahalada Petla

WordPress Developer

Soundarya Besam


Vaishnavi Bodagala


Pavan Kumar


Vinay Gopi


Mani Sankar


Sri Harsha

Lead Designer


WordPress Developer

Pradeep Kumar


Sushama Rani

Android Developer

Nithin Reddy

3D Modeller

Kavya K

Content Head

Ashok Reddy

WordPress Developer


WordPress Developer


Flutter Developer

Dilip Kumar

QA Testing

Vishnu Sidharth


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Founded in 2015 with the idea of manoeuvring through the digital world to build solutions that can help real people, WTA has grown from its humble beginnings to a mature digital solutions provider with every client that has put their trust in us.

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Design-First Technology Approach

We believe that good design is key to a successful product, and our team ensures that the products we create are both user-friendly and technically sound.

Dedicated Agile Teams

We have dedicated teams of Agile specialists that not only delivery highly efficient products but also facilitate round the clock communication and support.

Building and Delivering Smart Systems

Using the latest tools and technologies, our team is able
to build cost effective, scalable and secure Apps that
your customers will love.

Our Team is Growing

We’re always on the lookout to add like-minded people to our team. Find out how you can work with us!

ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001:2015 is a bundle of standards that relate to quality management systems maintained by ISO, International Organization for Standardization.

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Have a project in mind? Tell us more about it. We’ll send you an estimate in two working days.